Places of Interest in Denmark

Denmark is a very interesting place with a rich history. Scroll down to see where you could visit the next time you’re here.

Christiansborg Palace

Located on the islet of Slotsholmen in central Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital city, it is the Danish Prime Minister’s Office and the Danish Supreme Court. It houses the executive power, the legislative power and the judicial power and is the only building in the world that has all three of a country’s branches of government.

Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid statue was built in significance of Hans Christian Anderson, a famous children author of Denmark. It sits on a rock in the harbour of Copenhagen. The statue was unveiled on 23rd August 1913. The statue was modelled after Ellen Price, a primaballerina while the body was modelled after the sculptor’s wife, Eline Eriksen when Price did not agree to model in the nude. It is 1.25 metres high and weighs around 175 kg.

Copenhagen Opera House

It is the national opera house of Denmark. Over 500 million US Dollars were invested in the construction of the opera house. Construction began in June 2001 and was completed in October 2004. It was opened in January 2005. One can see the Marble Church over the water along the road through Amalienborg if one stands in the main entrance of the opera house.


Meaning ‘play well’, Lego started with a small wooden brick and evolved into plastic and an entire Lego toy factory. Throughout the years, Lego has built various entities which include an airport, theme park and hotel. Conference rooms and new floors were added into the hotel and became a modern 4-star hotel and conference centre. In 2005, it joined some of Europe’s top hotels after being a part of the international Merlin Entertainments Group.

Hans Christian Andersen Museum

Operated by the Ugly Duckling Foundation, the Hans Christian Anderson Museum is established to foster public understanding and enjoyment of Hans Christian Anderson and his work. Born on 2nd April 1805, Hans Christian Anderson referred to using the initials H.C. Anderson was a Danish author and poet noted for children stories. His works include Steadfast Tin Soldier, The Snow Queen, The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina, The Little Match Girl and The Ugly Duckling. His poetry and stories have been translated into more than 150 languages and have inspired motion pictures, plays, ballets and animated films.


It is a Danish island in the Baltic Sea located to the east of Denmark, the south of Sweden and the north of Poland. Here, you could experience a calm and quiet lifestyle as its main industries in the island are fishing, arts and crafts such as glass making and pottery and dairy farming. It has a spectacular rock formation in the north, sloping down towards ‘pine and deciduous forests’ and farmland in the middle and sandy beaches in the south.