Festivals in Denmark

This is one of the countries that have the most festivities in a year. Check them out below.

Copenhagen Photo Festival

Copenhagen Photo Festival brings the work of Danish and international photographers together. The photos will be featured in art institutions, galleries and urban space, offering a wide range of contemporary photography. This festival aims to create a festival at a high artistic level and reveals the potential of photography. Usually, it falls in June.

Roskilde Festival

It is an international music festival where thousands of participants come together and join in the fun. The eight days festival with four days of warm-up and four days of music sees approximately 150 bands taking turns to visit the various stages. There will be camping areas too with minor music acts to warm up until the festival programme starts. It features a variety of music events line-up that spans across all genres. The festival falls in July.

Hammershus Global Trade Koncert

The Hammershus Global Trade Koncert is the only regular annual aid concert in the country and is part of a Fair Trade Festival on Bornholm which lasts all July. Profits of the ticket sales will be channelled to aid projects in Africa in association with the Danish third world and fair trade organisations. The concert gathers some of the best of Danish bands for a fun-filled and enjoyable musical experience. It offers activities for children too; hence it’s great for a family outing where everyone has their own activities. There will be a gigantic light show at Hmmershus at night.

Norway Lobster Festival in Læsø

Læsø is an island abundant in delicious food produce. During this time, the island has the privilege of having one of the biggest catches of Norway lobster. Throughout the festival, there will be a great variety of lobster dishes sold and there will be a cooking competition on Norway Lobsters. The winner will be awarded The Golden Norway Lobster Claw trophy. Do book your accommodation in advance as it attracts many tourists and chefs to the island during the festival. The festival falls in August.

Esbjerg Festival Week

The Esbjerg Festival falls in June every year. It presents a whole variety of activities – concerts, opera gala, international chamber music festival, art exhibitions and the list goes on. Every year, the Esbjerg Rock Festival takes place in the Vognsbølparken Park in Esbjerg. Getting there is a breeze and accommodation is plenty. Within the park itself, there are many places to visit including the animal park and aviary.

Odense Film Festival

Odense Film Festival is Denmark's international film festival for short films. Previously, it was known as The International Fairy Tale Festival, a tribute to Hans Christian Anderson, the famous author for children, who was born in Odense. In 1983, the festival includes all sorts of fiction films, apart from solely animation films and it leads to the change of name of the festival into Odense Film Festival. In 1997, it merged with The Danish Film Festival where it leads to both national and international films being a part of the festival programme. It features national films, international films, animation films and children and youth films.